I got my portable dvd!!!

Portable DVD…

most of people could say it’s cheap…

at this season…portable dvd is like old units of cellphones 😀

the ones commonly used are laptops, tablets (i wonder why there are no capsules)

computers…and etcs 😀

but for me…

portable dvd is something precious!!

especially because..

-because of it, i can watch anime without any delay!

like, i could bring it anywhere…even at school 😀

-because of it, i can watch anime privately! 😛

if you know what i mean 😀 ahahaha

-because of it..i can always watch anime

even while laying in my sleeping door mat 😀 niahaha

anyways, that’s just something …

i wanna treasure for a long time 😀

since it’s a debut gift from mama, lola and tito 😀

joined forces 😀

we’re not rich, so every penny counts ^_^

and i’m not into – asking things that i know it’s not easy to provide…

if ever i start working, my first goal would be having my own laptop :3 ahoho


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