Kuroh Yatogami

another hot guy wielding a samurai :3



kuroh :3

at first, i thought he was like Yu Kanda of D.Gray-man..

since they both wield their swords in threatening for the life of our main protagonists šŸ˜€


na-no-nosebleed na ako šŸ˜€

maybe i could speak tagalog for a moment.. šŸ˜›


then i realize…

they’re not the same šŸ˜€ Kanda and Kuroh were very different šŸ˜€

-Kuroh is a gentleman!!! right when was repeatedly thanking Kukuri for her help on searching Shiro

-Kuroh is a good cook!!! yes!! he is!!



and I love seeing him with that apron :3

he looks so hot, manly and realistic at the same time :3

is there any girl who wouldn’t want to have a boyfriend like him?!

of course there’s no one šŸ˜€ ahaha


-Kuroh is … so…kind and all šŸ˜€

he may have been frequently threatening to slay Shiro, but he never did šŸ˜› ahah

he treasures his moment with them :3

and that moment where he presents himself as Shiro’s loyal clansman…

awww…that was…tear-jerking šŸ˜€



enough of babbling Kushii..



though it’s..nakakabitin šŸ˜›


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