Current Manga on my readList:

Code: Breaker

Code: Breaker


i just got interested with this manga suddenly 😀

i was supposed to read Deadman Wonderland…but Vampire Knight was supposed-to-be before that 😀 haha

i just change my mind constantly 😛

so then, after reading the comments of Deadman Wonderland…i was kind of.. “maybe next time”..

and while browsing through different genres of manga… i found this one..

Code: Breaker..

It inspired of my original stories before..back when i was still in high school, i have this partner in making the story..

and the title of that story is RO:SE (Royal Overture: Slayers of Evil)..

the title was inspired by Code: Breaker 😀


That’s all 😛

I am looking forward for a good continuation of this half-realistic manga 😀

i like the truth that humans..they’re not always the real one you have thought of before..

even those you thought of good people..they can usually turn into someone you won’t even recognize..


“A bad person who acts good is the worst.” -Sakurakouji

i can’t quite remember the correct sentence, but that is what i think it was 😀

i like that anyways 😛


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