My belovedSSSS

One of my beloved red-headed ladies on Anime no Sekai 😀


because she’s so cool..pretty..cute…charming..brave..and…respectable!!! ^_^

and most of all… she’s … so … beautiful 🙂

Erza Scarlet

Erza Scarlet

Here are some of her photos that I like ❤ 

shimmering valor and beauty :3

a beauty you can’t always witness ^^

she belongs to the world of  “glitters”

a tears of broken heart

the meaning of beauty is not only seen when you smile
but it can also be shown when you got hurt for a little while
tears are never meant for weak people
they’re meant for people who’s strong like a shiny parole

Maid Outfit!!!

her cute side is something you can’t always see

but she’s just this lady that is more beautiful than sea :3


Heaven's Wheel

Heaven’s Wheel

that silver color and beautiful red hair :”)

she looks beautiful, elegant and powerfull

Flame Empress

Flame Empress

HOT … her armour and herself 😀

beautiful as a flame

but dangerous at the same time

Japanese Cloth

Japanese Cloth

simplest armour for me

but this one shows her bravery

i love the red color again

and she’s burning hot flame

she’s too beautiful to be stared at 😀

night gown :3

I love love love this photo :3 ohhhh….

this :3

and this is…so…HOT 😀


Now, let’s move on to my ever beloved Cc of Code Geass :))
She’s not red-headed but…


swimming uniform :3

this…she may not be the hottest…

but for me she is 😀 haha

black nurse 😀

who doesn’t hate hospitals?!!! (of course, the doctors and nurses i think 😛 )

i hate hospitals 😀

though i haven’t been in there for a very long time..

i just hate the …



scary ghost stories …


but if ever Cc my love is one of the nurses in that hospital..

OMYGEASSSSS… I’d be glad to be confined..forever 😛 haha

meow meow meow

the photo that I LOVE THE MOST :3

I love neko…meow meow and all the kittens and cats in the world of anime and

even in reality :3

I’ll add more photos of anime ladies that I love again 😀

someday 😛 haha


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