Justice..that is…



it’s not..

because it’s something that can only be expressed by doing so..


do you think justice still exists?

i don’t think so..

you know..

justice is now stained with different meanings and beliefs..





you have to be honest..

especially to yourself πŸ™‚


it hurts more when you always have to keep everything all by yourself you know..

you won’t know till when can your heart last..

open and be happy πŸ™‚



many of our antagonists..

they became evil because of revenge..


just like sasugay..(oh sorry, i’m a Sasuke hater :D)

and many other characters..

also, Hitomi of Code:Breakers…


i can’t move on from his death >.<



i do believe so. πŸ™‚


so.. i believe in the saying that..

try and try until you die..

nante πŸ˜€

try and try until you succeed po yun πŸ˜€ tahaha



ne ne Teito-kun..

just now..

you sound like..

a .. tsundere ;3



oh well… i miss Teito X Frau moments >.<

and to think that the final arc is soon to come…

oh my geez…

i’ll be missing them all >.<

Real Best friend :3

Mikage talking to Teito

Mikage talking to Teito

*he only wants to cheer up Teito and to drink some milk so he can grow taller :D. Because when they were still in the Military academy, Teito doesn’t take in anything in his body except vitamins..so Mikage suggested him other food and milk. Β If i’m wrong,correct me πŸ˜€ please πŸ™‚



who wouldn’t want to have a best friend like him?!

first, he’s more than caring and loving :3

he always care for Teito, and until his death, he never leave him alone.

second, Β he was reincarnated to a Fyulong dragon instead of being Β human again; in order to be at Teito’s side all the time.

third, even if his family’s lives is at stake,he didn’t sell his friend till the end!!

Because Teito is not just a best friend for him…but also a part of his family :3

Lastly, he is the best best friend i could ever wish for, if only a friend like him exists πŸ˜› (but i’m fine with my best boyfriend :3)

I Like the Teito X Mikage best friendship than the Lelouch X Suzaku best friendship πŸ˜€

hehe.but still, i love all of them!!!