Justice..that is…



it’s not..

because it’s something that can only be expressed by doing so..


do you think justice still exists?

i don’t think so..

you know..

justice is now stained with different meanings and beliefs..





there are certain moments when you have to show your poker face..

and there are humans who asks you to do so..haha




you have to be honest..

especially to yourself πŸ™‚


it hurts more when you always have to keep everything all by yourself you know..

you won’t know till when can your heart last..

open and be happy πŸ™‚



many of our antagonists..

they became evil because of revenge..


just like sasugay..(oh sorry, i’m a Sasuke hater :D)

and many other characters..

also, Hitomi of Code:Breakers…


i can’t move on from his death >.<



i do believe so. πŸ™‚


so.. i believe in the saying that..

try and try until you die..

nante πŸ˜€

try and try until you succeed po yun πŸ˜€ tahaha



ne ne Teito-kun..

just now..

you sound like..

a .. tsundere ;3



oh well… i miss Teito X Frau moments >.<

and to think that the final arc is soon to come…

oh my geez…

i’ll be missing them all >.<

Real Best friend :3

Mikage talking to Teito

Mikage talking to Teito

*he only wants to cheer up Teito and to drink some milk so he can grow taller :D. Because when they were still in the Military academy, Teito doesn’t take in anything in his body except vitamins..so Mikage suggested him other food and milk. Β If i’m wrong,correct me πŸ˜€ please πŸ™‚



who wouldn’t want to have a best friend like him?!

first, he’s more than caring and loving :3

he always care for Teito, and until his death, he never leave him alone.

second, Β he was reincarnated to a Fyulong dragon instead of being Β human again; in order to be at Teito’s side all the time.

third, even if his family’s lives is at stake,he didn’t sell his friend till the end!!

Because Teito is not just a best friend for him…but also a part of his family :3

Lastly, he is the best best friend i could ever wish for, if only a friend like him exists πŸ˜› (but i’m fine with my best boyfriend :3)

I Like the Teito X Mikage best friendship than the Lelouch X Suzaku best friendship πŸ˜€

hehe.but still, i love all of them!!!