I love you :D haha

I love you πŸ˜€ haha


so easy now πŸ˜€


niahaha…REI OGAMI!!!

you’re one of the luckiest bastard alive..you know πŸ˜›


Just where could you ever find a girl like that πŸ˜€ haha.


and Sakura’s 2nd mama and papa are all so sweet :3 awwww


Current Manga on my readList:

Code: Breaker

Code: Breaker


i just got interested with this manga suddenly πŸ˜€

i was supposed to read Deadman Wonderland…but Vampire Knight was supposed-to-be before that πŸ˜€ haha

i just change my mind constantly πŸ˜›

so then, after reading the comments of Deadman Wonderland…i was kind of.. “maybe next time”..

and while browsing through different genres of manga… i found this one..

Code: Breaker..

It inspired of my original stories before..back when i was still in high school, i have this partner in making the story..

and the title of that story is RO:SE (Royal Overture: Slayers of Evil)..

the title was inspired by Code: Breaker πŸ˜€


That’s all πŸ˜›

I am looking forward for a good continuation of this half-realistic manga πŸ˜€

i like the truth that humans..they’re not always the real one you have thought of before..

even those you thought of good people..they can usually turn into someone you won’t even recognize..


“A bad person who acts good is the worst.” -Sakurakouji

i can’t quite remember the correct sentence, but that is what i think it was πŸ˜€

i like that anyways πŸ˜›

Real Best friend :3

Mikage talking to Teito

Mikage talking to Teito

*he only wants to cheer up Teito and to drink some milk so he can grow taller :D. Because when they were still in the Military academy, Teito doesn’t take in anything in his body except vitamins..so Mikage suggested him other food and milk. Β If i’m wrong,correct me πŸ˜€ please πŸ™‚



who wouldn’t want to have a best friend like him?!

first, he’s more than caring and loving :3

he always care for Teito, and until his death, he never leave him alone.

second, Β he was reincarnated to a Fyulong dragon instead of being Β human again; in order to be at Teito’s side all the time.

third, even if his family’s lives is at stake,he didn’t sell his friend till the end!!

Because Teito is not just a best friend for him…but also a part of his family :3

Lastly, he is the best best friend i could ever wish for, if only a friend like him exists πŸ˜› (but i’m fine with my best boyfriend :3)

I Like the Teito X Mikage best friendship than the Lelouch X Suzaku best friendship πŸ˜€

hehe.but still, i love all of them!!!

OTAKU :) (by Eren)


OTAKU TO TALAGA πŸ˜€ (credits to that person in the picture) i’m kinda jealous πŸ˜€ haha


an OTAKU is isn’t how

many anime series watches,

how many collectible items have,

how many mangas read…


its just…..

how they appreciate the ANIME.

how they can relate to ANIME.

how they love ANIME.


that’s ME. i’m proud to be an OTAKU.

(i didn’t edit the grammar..i just typed what he said in his gm πŸ˜€ haha

after all, you can definitely get the meaning.right? )

So right!

Light's father

Light’s father

they’re not the typical

“like father like son” πŸ˜€

haha…father is a cop…son is a..killer…must i say…serial killer?

well, if you have watched Death Note, i think you’ll understand :))


(this quote was gm’ed by Armin of AX3 πŸ˜‰ hehe )

Be inspired :)

name unmentioned :(

name unmentioned 😦


I love this quote from Hakuren’s mom ^_^

this is what most of our mom wanted us to do..

but you know,

(let’s talk about parents πŸ˜€ )

some of our parents doesn’t mind about our feelings..

some of them mind about our future…which i think is wrong..

because sometimes…what they think about our future is not what we think about our own that could give us happiness..


magulo ba? πŸ˜€ (wag kasi pilitin mag-english kushi :D)

for example:

some of our parents wanted us to take college courses that we want…since we’re supposed to be free upon choosing our own field for the future employment. Just like what my parents did ^^.


but some of them wanted us to take college courses which we do not want,

simply because they said, it’s for our future, for our own sake..blah blah blah πŸ˜›

but do they even realize that they are wasting money and we are wasting time on studying about something which …at first note, we do not like..


but still..everything is up to you.you know πŸ˜€

if you hate it, and you get upset every time..it’s your chose..

but if you hate it, and tried to enjoy it at least…that’d be ..great πŸ˜€

isn’t it?