you have to be honest..

especially to yourself 🙂


it hurts more when you always have to keep everything all by yourself you know..

you won’t know till when can your heart last..

open and be happy 🙂


Teito Klein and Allen Walker



Allen Walker

Teito Klein and Allen Walker

they have similarities

-both can lead the world to destruction

-both have their precious people to protect

-both holds the power of the enemy

-both of them are chibi 😀 haha

Teito Klein – the pandora box where Verloren’s body is hidden. While not having the Eye of Mikhael, it gnaws him from inside out, and time will come when he will totally be devoured by Verloren, and Verloren will be revived.

Allen Walker -he is the vessel of Nea Walker, the 14th Noah. Nea is also slowly devouring Allen’s memories…directly saying… his life.

I haven’t finished 07 Ghost and D.Gray-man yet, so I think, there’ll be more similarities if ever 🙂

this is just a ..some kind of..review I think 😀 haha